It is extremely difficult for someone who has lived independently for years to admit they may no longer be able to care for themselves or their home. In many instances, family members prefer to hide their inability to handle things because they feel embarrassed or do not want to burden a relative by asking for help. Don’t let a loved one suffer alone. There are several warning signs which can help you to know if someone needs a little more help at home, and we go over the top five below.

Memory Problems

As people age, it is quite common for many of them to begin to have longer and more frequent lapses in their memory. Whether it is forgetting a grandchild’s birthday or having trouble remembering where they parked at the mall, memory issues are a clear sign a person may need in-home care. Older adults with more severe memory loss may need reminders to take their medication or even to eat or go to sleep on time.

Changes in Personality

Everyone gets a little down sometimes, and that is completely normal. But if you notice a complete personality change in your loved one, it may signify that there is something more important going on with them. Changes in someone’s medication, health and lifestyle can affect the way the person interacts with those around them. If you notice significant changes, you should speak with your family member.

Frequent Injuries or Accidents

Have you noticed more bruises or cuts on your loved one recently? Has your family member wound up in the emergency room after slipping? Even if your relative has not had a recent injury, do you notice they need to support themselves by leaning on furniture or the wall to get around? These are signs which indicate someone is having severe balance, motor or hand-and-eye coordination problems. An in-home care worker can help reduce accidents by assisting with these issues.

Poor Hygiene

When a relative neglects their personal hygiene, it is typically a clue that there are larger issues going on. If you notice your loved one has forgotten to shave, wash or even has bathroom accidents, you should consider hiring a part-time home care assistant to help them maintain proper hygiene.

Poor Nutrition

It is common for seniors to eat less as they age, but if you notice your loved one is missing meals or rapidly losing weight, there may be a serious problem. Shopping and cooking for themselves may have become too difficult to do alone, and they may need someone to shop and prepare their meals for them.

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