In-Home Care Consultation

We can deliver deliver the best in-home care services to you and your loved ones by learning about their lifestyle and challenges. We connect with every client through an in-home needs assessment to start the process of getting acquainted with their unique situations.


Assess Your In-Home Care Needs

For our on-site consultation, our local field managers will visit your home to talk with you about how a Sunny Days caregiver can deliver the most effective care for you and your individual needs. Whether you need help with bathing, a light meal preparation for a disabled sibling or spouse, or you want to be sure that your elderly father has help when moving about the house, we approach each client’s situation with fresh eyes.

Personalized Home Care for Your Loved One

During the on-site assessment, our field managers complete an extensive questionnaire that spells out your needs, preferences, hobbies, and cultural considerations, in addition to anything else that you think is important for us to know as we connect you with the best possible care.

Part of the in-home consultation involves our field manager touring the home to make safety and comfort recommendations which are intended to enhance the client’s well-being. They look for any potential hazards, such as cords, throw rugs, and other obstacles that might prevent the client or caregiver from moving about freely or completing necessary tasks.

We also evaluate each client’s home to find a caregiver who will match his or her lifestyle.  If your home is filled with houseplants, we’ll find a caregiver with a green thumb to help you water and prune. It’s important to us to create a safe and comfortable environment where everyone thrives, something that’s key for coordinating successful in-home care services. Get started by filling out the form or calling us at (828) 595-5734 to schedule your consultation.

The In-Home Care Plans Includes:

  • Capabilities and needs with ambulation
  • Nutritional restrictions and needs
  • A list of duties and activities to be performed on each visit
  • Mental status
  • Chronic conditions are also and other medical needs are also considered in a specialized plan

Beginning In-Home Care Service

  • We send a qualified and screened caregiver to match the needs of your loved one
  • A qualified caregiver will stay with you throughout your service and they will be there for you whenever help is needed

Payment Options

  • Credit Card
  • Check
  • ACH draft

Request a Free Consultation

Want to learn more about our in-home care services? Let’s start the conversation and request a free in-home consultation to learn more information about how we match our clients with our caregivers.

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In-Home Care Consultation

A member of our staff specializing in geriatric care will meet with you and your family in your current living setting. We will meet at your home, hospital, rehab facility, or hospice center and perform a detailed assessment to define your specific needs. During this assessment, and with the help of the family, we evaluate all available information to most accurately determine what the client’s care plan and goals should look like.

The objective of this process is to:

  • Determine mental and physical limitations
  • Collect medical and health history
  • Determine personal care needs
  • Create a schedule that fits the needs of the client and gives them an appropriate level of care
  • Determine if any support services are needed by the client, such as transportation, medication reminders, trips to the grocery store, social interaction, home maintenance, and housekeeping.
  • Match the client with the most compatible caregiver
  • Create a personalized plan of care and identify client goals

After the client has been assessed, we use this information to develop a customized care plan. The caregivers use this to guide them as they care for the client.