Staying socially active can enrich your life in your golden years. Retirement gives seniors more time to connect with family and friends and partake in the lifestyle they enjoy most. An active social life can make seniors feel younger, happier and more fulfilled. Here are just a few of the many benefits seniors stand to gain from staying socially active as they age.

Gives Life Greater Meaning

Staying connected to family and friends can give your life greater meaning as you grow older. Whether you get together for holidays, family outings or weekend meals, spending time with those who are most important to you will enhance the quality of your life.

Improves Health and Wellbeing

Socialization helps stimulate you physically and mentally, which can help improve your health and wellbeing. When you engage in social activities with others, you stimulate your brain, whether it be through conversation, games, sports play or other activities. Mental activity helps improve brain health which can keep signs of Alzheimer’s and dementia at bay. Physical activities enhance your physical health and help keep you in shape.

Helps Seniors Cope with Change

As you age, you’re bound to face challenges that can affect your health and happiness in your golden years. Family and friends can help you overcome hurdles that can lead to anxiety and depression. It’s easier to face personal losses or major health problems when you have the support of loved ones in your life. Staying socially active gives you something to look forward to as you adapt to retirement.

Tips for Staying Socially Engaged as a Senior

There are countless ways to stay connected with others as you grow older. Here are just a few things you can do:

Schedule Time with Family and Friends. Weekend BBQs, birthdays, holidays and family outings provide you with golden opportunities to socialize with those you love. Offering to play with or babysit young grandkids will keep you involved in what’s happening in their lives.

Engage in Social Media. If loved ones live far away, use email or social media to stay in touch. Ask your adult children or teen grandchildren to give you classes in technology so you can benefit from all that social media has to offer.

Go on Outings. Outings to local parks or cultural sites will enable you to enjoy the company of friends or cultivate new relationships to expand your circle of friends.

Share a Hobby. Sharing a hobby with those who have similar interests lets you pursue your passion while enjoying the company of others. From reading to art to yoga, hobbies are more fun when shared.

Volunteer. Volunteer for a worthy cause and befriend others who share your interests and goals.

Get a Pet. Pets not only boost your morale but can open many doors to making friends.

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