We recently celebrated our nominees and winners for the first annual award ceremony.

Our founders shared the humble beginnings of Sunny Days In-Home Care with nominees and award recipients that were in attendance. It was an amazing experience to observe how much Sunny Days In-Home Care has grown because of the dedicated and compassionate work force that are Sunny Days employees.

The ceremony provided an opportunity for all to hear of the amazing support that has been provided in various communities across southwestern Pennsylvania. As a special guest, PA Health and Wellness was also in attendance. We were exceptionally pleased to share our successes at Sunny Days by paying tribute to the talent and passion of individual employees that go above and beyond in creativity, consistency, and innovation.

John Bennett, CEO recognized a finalist from Sunny Days In-Home Care in the 2021 Home Care Association of America National Caregiver of the Year. Lisa B. was honored in her achievement of being a finalist amongst thousands of caregivers nationwide. He also shared Cynthia M’s achievement for her nomination from Sunny Days historically in the statewide Caregiver of the Year Award in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The theme of this year’s ceremony was “You Make a Profound Difference.” The leadership team highlighted each person’s contribution to making a difference in the lives of others. The frontline Caregivers were accredited with the growth and expansion of Sunny Days and the positive reputation that has stemmed from the reliability and consistency of their efforts. We recognized the management team in all their support to the caregivers and clients. Managers ensure that all have what they need to do their best by the client and families. And we celebrated the behind-the-scenes heroes that ensure we are adhering to the external processes necessary for Sunny Days In-home Care to remain in the business of being the light or sunny day for someone in his or her home.

Congratulations to all winners!