Caring For Aging Parents

When our parents get older and get to the point where they need help figuring out how to do everyday things and take care of themselves, you need to make sure you learn about caring for aging parents. Understanding the ins and outs of all the options and making decisions can feel overwhelming, but thankfully, there are ways to develop a strategy that can work for you and your loved one:

Meeting Their Needs

An easy way to assess your parent’s needs is by thinking about the key areas of their life where they will need you and the rest of the family to come alongside them and help:

Family support- Even when a loved one is no longer living with you and relying on you for their care, you are still going to be an important part of their life.

Home safety- Toward the end of their independence, your loved one will need to rely on you to ensure their home is clean and safe for as long as they are with you.

Medical needs- Many aging parents have special medical needs and considerations that will need to be taken into account so that they can have their health needs met.

Cognitive health- As people age, they will experience mental decline and it is important to stimulate them and give them ways to stay active mentally and physically.

Mobility concerns– When parents age they have trouble walking and getting around and the risk of falling is much higher, which means they need more help to stay mobile.

Personal hygiene– Oftentimes, our older family members may need help with basic care such as showers, dressing, and other personal hygiene needs and concerns.

Meal preparation- It is important to make sure your loved one is getting the proper nutrition and that they are eating right and not losing weight.

Social interaction– Humans are social creatures so it is important to make sure they are having good and meaningful interaction with others on a regular basis.

Meeting Basic Needs

There are a number of things you are going to need to ensure your aging parents have in order to make sure they are safe and healthy. Eldercare service providers can help with a range of basic needs to give you peace of mind and to help your loved ones maintain as much independence as possible.

These services can include the following:

Cooking and Preparing Meals- care services can help ensure your loved one is properly fed and is eating right and following any dietary guidelines they may have.

Cleaning and Maintaining– these providers can also assist with basic home cleaning to ensure they have a clean and safe environment to live in day in and day out.

Shopping Trips- some care providers will set up weekly shopping trips so your loved one can get the necessities that they need and so they can get out of the house some.

Doctor Visits- some of the advanced elder care providers will also help your aging parents get to local doctor appointments if you are unable to take them yourself.

Managing Money- many elderly adults need help with their money and bill paying strategy and advanced care services can provide the exact help that they need.

Taking Medications- many home care and assistance centers focus on helping individuals stay on top of their medications and ensure proper dosing is followed.

Explore Available Aging Care Strategy Options

There are many aging care options and helpful resources you can take advantage of when working with in-home care providers. When it comes to caring for aging parents, the service provided by places like Sunny Days can make all the difference in the world. Their team of compassionate care providers aims to help families by taking the time necessary to understand the needs of the individual as well as the family. Then a customized care plan will be created that is a perfect fit for their wants and needs and limitations. Call Sunny Days today to schedule a free in-home care assessment or is you have questions or need more information you can talk to the assistance advisory team.


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