At Sunny Days In-Home Care, we know how important it is to find a good caregiver for your elderly loved one. We are devoted to providing loving, patient, and responsible individuals that are dedicated to our client’s comfort, safety, and wellness. 

To find a good caregiver that is a right fit for your loved one, we suggest that you assess your loved one’s needs, make a list of preferences, do your research, interview potential caregivers, and trust your instincts. 

Keep reading to learn these 5 steps to find a good caregiver.


1. Assess Your Loved One’s Needs

First and foremost, we suggest assessing and evaluating your loved one’s specific care requirements. This means identifying the level of assistance needed. For example, does your loved one need help with activities of daily living? This includes things like bathing, dressing, and meal preparation, but may also extend to assistance with making appointments and being present to provide companionship and support. When assessing your loved one’s needs, consider any medical conditions or specialized care needs, as well.

find a good caregiver - female caregiver helping elderly man out of bed


2. Make A List of Preferences

To find a good caregiver, it is important to understand and make a list of preferences. This includes the desired schedule of the caregiver, the preferred duties and responsibilities, and even preferences such as gender, religion, and language. Once you have a list made, it will be easier to do your research into finding a good fit for your loved one.


3. Do Your Research

Before jumping into anything, finding a good caregiver that matches the needs and preferences of your loved one takes time and research. Seek recommendations from trusted sources such as healthcare professionals, friends, or family members. Also, ask about their experiences and the quality of care received. This can be a great starting point!

Second, make sure to conduct some online research as well. Explore reputable caregiver agencies, such as Sunny Days In-Home Care, and read reviews and testimonials from other clients.

find a good caregiver - young, female helping her elderly loved one sitting in a wheelchair


4. Interview Potential Caregivers

Once you feel comfortable with the research you’ve done, begin interviewing potential caregivers. Have a list of questions and concerns ready to go. Inquire about qualifications, experience, training, and compatibility with your loved one’s needs and preferences. This is the most crucial step to finding a good caregiver.

If you are having trouble, Sunny Days is here to help. We interview caregivers with individual requests in mind. Plus, each one of our caregivers has a cleared background check, is tested for tuberculosis, and is continually trained in HIPAA medical privacy compliance.


5. Trust Your Instincts

Last, it is important to pay attention to your instincts, or gut feelings. Trust your intuition regarding compatibility with the potential caregiver and consider how they address your concerns. It is important to check with your loved one as well. Evaluate their own comfort level and satisfaction with the caregiver too.

find a good caregiver - smiling woman sitting with elderly man reclined in chair


To recap,

Here are the 5 steps to find a good caregiver:

  1. Assess Your Loved One’s Needs
  2. Make A List Of Preferences
  3. Do Your Research
  4. Interview Potential Caregivers
  5. Trust Your Instincts

Overall, it is important to prioritize the well-being and comfort of your loved one. At Sunny Days In-Home Care, we offer personalized in-home care services for Alzheimer’s, Veterans, individuals with disabilities, seniors, and more! We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to in-home care. Instead, we honor the individuality of each client and recognize the unique reasons that bring people to seek in-home care services.

If you or a loved one are looking to find a good caregiver, we would love to talk with you! Fill out our contact form, or give us a call at (724) 260-5186.


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