Home care provides a practical solution for caring for elderly loved ones or family members who are disabled, suffering from a chronic illness or recovering from surgery. With the help of professional in-home caregivers, loved ones can age in place or recover from an injury or surgery from the comfort of their own home.

Home care may not be for everyone but it does offer an alternative to hospitalization, rehab or assisted living for elderly loved ones who need extra care but want to remain in their home for their golden years. Here’s what you should know about home care services to help you make wise decisions concerning this type of care.

What is Home Care?

Home care services range from personal care to housekeeping, doing laundry, cooking, companionship and even health care. Professional caregivers come to your home to provide the services you need. Home care can be provided through community services, government programs or paid for by your healthcare provider.

Is Home Care Right for You?

Depending on the type of care you need, home caregivers may be registered nurses or rehab therapists who provide physical, occupational or speech therapy to help you recover from a stroke, accident or surgery. If you have restricted mobility, need medical care for a wound, require daily injections or therapy treatments, you may benefit from what home care has to offer.

Elderly seniors can benefit from home care to help with personal care, housework, meal prep, companionship and more. If your elderly parents need medical supervision due to chronic conditions, home caregivers can provide the help they need. In-home care services from Sunny Days In-Home care is available on both a short term and long term basis to meet your loved one’s needs.

Benefits of Home Care

One of the greatest benefits of home care is that loved ones can receive care from the comfort of their own home. Your loved one will feel safer, happier and more comfortable in familiar surroundings as opposed to a hospital, residential facility or rehab center.

Home care also provides your loved one with the personal attention they need for recovery or to live a higher quality of life in his senior years. Home caregivers will tend to your loved one’s personal needs and provide valuable friendship and companionship when you’re not there, so your loved one won’t feel alone or neglected.

Home care gives your loved one’s greater independence to live the lifestyle they enjoy most. With help from qualified caregivers, elderly seniors can set their own schedules, eat healthy meals and socialize with friends. Home caregivers can even help with the care of family pets so your loved one can continue enjoying the companionship of their beloved cat or dog.

If in-home care sounds like a viable option for a loved one’s recovery or for your elderly parents to age in place, contact Sunny Days In-Home Care at 828-595-5734 today. Our professional caregivers offer personalized in-home care services catered to your loved one’s needs.

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