For the past eleven years, the team at Sunny Days In-Home Care has been providing full Thanksgiving Dinners for their clients and families.

When the company was just beginning, the meals were provided for every client, complete with a Butterball Turkey. However, as our company has grown, each manager is tasked with picking two or three clients they think would most enjoy this surprise. Every manager goes to the store and picks out the Turkey’s themselves. This results in 35-40 meals being provided every year!

In addition to providing the meals, most managers and caregivers actually prepare the meals for their clients. Complete with all the sides and fixings. Our caregivers become such an integral part of our clients lives that they always look forward to sharing a Thanksgiving meal together. Some caregivers are even invited to join the client’s family as they gather together.

Thanksgiving dinners are important because it’s typically a time when our clients get to see family they don’t usually get to see. With the rising costs of groceries, some families worry that Thanksgiving dinner won’t be a possibility and they’ll miss out on that important family time. Therefore, these dinners are so much more than simply providing a meal, we’re providing our clients with critical family time and love. Not to mention, most of our caregivers who prepare the meals are doing this on their own time and aren’t being paid for preparing the meals of our clients. We love to see the relationship between the caregivers the clients family grow year after year and how everyone looks forward to spending the holiday together simply because we provided the food on the table.

Sunny Days is committed to providing opportunities to make memories and cherish the time our clients have with their loved ones, especially since they get to do it from the comfort of their own homes!