Have you been considering in-home care services for yourself or a loved one for a while? Perhaps you’ve recently experienced an incident such as a medical event or an injury that is causing you to seek care now.

Or, maybe you’re still looking for in-home care for an elderly relative that better suits their needs. You might even be desperate for immediate care because of an emergency situation.

Whatever brings you to seek an in-home care service, it’s important to consider a few things before you start reaching out and making calls.

Why are you looking for care?

People seeking care are in a variety of different situations — they need in-home care for a senior, personal care for a loved one with disabilities, or short-term home care assistance during injury recovery. They also search for care for a number of different reasons. Perhaps you’re a husband who has discovered you can no longer fully care for your ailing wife, or you’re caring for an elderly parent, and you’re struggling to balance that responsibility with your work and other family obligations.

Your situation may seem obvious to you, but it helps to consider your motivation when approaching an in-home care company so you can fully communicate your situation and needs. At Sunny Days In-Home Care, we offer a comprehensive suite of in-home care services for families facing all types of situations.

How much in-home care do you need?

Whether you need help with bathing and light meal preparation for a disabled sibling or spouse, or you want to be sure your elderly father has help when moving about the house, people’s range of needs differ. You might only need a few hours of help, or you may require more intensive in-home care services.

To help you figure this out, our Sunny Days field managers will visit your home to conduct a needs assessment. The field manager will guide you through an extensive questionnaire that will help him or her learn all about your unique situation and requirements. We want to be sure we’re connecting you with just the right amount of care for your needs.

What are your in-home care priorities?

During the needs assessment, our field managers will also discuss your preferences, hobbies, cultural considerations, and anything else you think is important for us to know so we can understand how our in-home care services can best suit you and your loved ones.

Think about what’s important to you when it comes to in-home care. If you’re caring for an elderly parent, maybe you’re worried about trust and communication with the caregiver. Sunny Days’ field managers are always available to speak with you about your concerns. Each of our caregivers clears a background check, and is introduced to you by a Sunny Days field manager, wearing a nametag. Your trust and comfort are our No. 1 priorities.

The answer is Sunny Days In-Home Care

Making an in-home care decision can be a confusing and nerve-wracking experience. At Sunny Days In-Home Care, we strive to make the intake process as smooth and comfortable as possible. Contact us today and we can help find the right care for you.

Our Vision: CARING

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  • Nurture
  • Generosity

Our Mission

“To enable seniors to live with dignity in their chosen place of residence.”