While being a caregiver is a self-less and, oftentimes, thankless act, it does require you to think about yourself once in a while. Sometimes, you must be a bit selfish when you’re a caregiver. Although it sounds contradictory to your purpose, if you don’t have your health and best interests in mind, how can you expect to give those you work with your all? If you neglect your health, it can allow for a number of concerns to arise that may just cause you to have to take time away from your patients. 

Eating Right

Eating a balanced diet doesn’t just help you maintain a healthy weight, it’s also important for your overall wellbeing because of the energy you gain from the foods you eat. When you give your body foods that aren’t nutrient rich, you’re not getting enough to keep your body going at its peak level of performance. When you consume foods rich in vitamins and minerals, they provide essential nutrients for your mind and body. Some of the exhaustion you feel may not just be related to your hard work or lack of sleep; it can also be due to your body not having enough, or the right kind, of fuel to keep you going. 


The medical community once suggested that six to eight hours per night was the optimal amount of sleep. However, that isn’t the case anymore and not everyone needs that much sleep. Everyone’s bodies are different, so you must get in touch with how much sleep you need to perform at your best. The amount of time you sleep isn’t the only important aspect either. You must get a quality night sleep, allowing your body to go into the REM phase of sleep. If you find yourself sleeping the recommended time and still feel tired, you might not be getting a quality night sleep. There are certain natural methods that can help if you’re having trouble sleeping, including reducing stress. But, if a lifestyle change doesn’t make the difference, it may time to seek the assistance of your primary care physician.  

Taking Time for Yourself

While using your free time to help others seems like the typical role of a caregiver, it’s important to find time to focus on yourself. Whether that means reading a book, taking a long bath, going to the spa or participating in your favorite hobby, you need time to yourself to enjoy and relax your body and mind. 

Being a caregiver means caring for others — that doesn’t mean you, or your employer, should neglect your own wellbeing. Finding a supportive employer is essential to caring for yourself as a caregiver, and we here at Sunny Days In-Home Care have learned that a happy, healthy caregiver, means a happy, healthy client. Treating our caregivers like family is what we stand for, and what makes our business and franchise successful.