A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease is devastating for any family. Though the illness can take months or even years to advance, it’s natural to consider what your situation might be like in the future. You and your loved ones will have many questions and concerns, chief among them being, “How well can I live with Alzheimer’s disease?” You may also be wondering, “What will it be like caring for someone with dementia?”

 From safety and health concerns to personal care and housekeeping worries, the stress can be overwhelming. You can lessen the impact of Alzheimer’s and dementia on your life by creating a solid plan for how you will deal with the challenges ahead. Specialized devices, modified living environments and in-home care for seniors with dementia can offset many risks and concerns.

 If you’re caring for an Alzheimer’s patient at home, or you need in-home care for a senior with dementia right away, contact Sunny Days In-Home Care, and we can complete a complimentary in-home care consultation and send a caregiver to your home quickly.

Planning to care for someone with dementia

The Alzheimer’s Association offers the Alzheimer’s Navigator, an online tools and information portal that helps you forecast your needs and create a support plan that addresses each one. It covers topics such as working with your doctor, managing symptoms, safety, legal planning, financial planning, caregiver support, care options and daily living. You can delve into each area of concern by answering a series of questions to determine what your needs are for caring for someone with dementia. You’ll then receive an action plan that will help you figure out how to proceed.

 When people request an in-home care consultation from Sunny Days In-Home Care, one of our caregiver managers visits the client’s home for a thorough discussion and evaluation. During this time, they will determine the client’s most pressing needs and principal concerns. We can help identify ways to adapt living spaces and routines to better accommodate you or your loved one’s condition, and explain your care options. We treat every person with the unique dignity he or she deserves, and customize our care to meet your individual needs.

Understanding types of in-home care seniors with dementia

In-home care takes on many forms, and often in-home medical care isn’t needed, especially in the early stages of Alzheimer’s and dementia. Non-medical in-home care provides for a person’s basic needs, including bathing and grooming, bathroom assistance, light housekeeping and cooking, as well as transportation to and from the grocery store and doctor appointments, and general companionship. In-home medical care requires the use of skilled nursing or a home health aide, and it is usually more expensive and more complex to coordinate.

The non-medical in-home care we provide at Sunny Days offers families peace of mind in knowing we are caring for their loved ones’ needs. Our qualified and attentive caregivers help keep clients safe and comfortable, and they understand what it takes for a family to be caring for an Alzheimer’s patient at home. Contact us today to learn more about Sunny Days’ mission to serve our clients with compassion. Call us at 828-595-5734 or email [email protected].

Our Vision: CARING

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Our Mission

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