Aging is one of those unavoidable things that will happen in life. For as long as we are alive, we are aging and over time, the effect of aging may begin to take their toll on a person’s mind and body. Have you decided that you or a loved one are in need of quality in-home care and you aren’t quite sure where to start? We can help!  Here are some basics about home health care and the benefits that you stand to gain from this in-home care that can help you get the peace of mind you need to make the choice that is right for you and your loved one.

What is Home Health Care?

Just as the name implies, this unique and personalized approach offers professional medical care that is provided in the comfort and familiarity of a patient’s home. Home health care can include many individual components. Some in home care services offer multiple services and any combination of skilled nursing care, physical therapy, medication planning, personal care and hygiene assistance, occupational therapy, transportation and companion services, and other personalized care services can be included. At the heart of home health care is the goal to provide the best care in order to treat an illness or injury.

Home health care can help your loved one to:

  • Get better faster and easier than running back and forth to doctors and therapists every day
  • Regain a sense of freedom and maintain as much independence as safely possible
  • Become surer of themselves after an injury so they are as self-sufficient as possible
  • Maintain their current condition or level of function and keep them active and engaged
  • Slow the physical and mental decline often associated with aging and seniors

In order the get the home care benefits you need, your home health team should do the following at each and every visit that they make to see you:

  • Talk to you about what you’re eating and drinking and your nutritional goals
  • Check vitals and records blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, and breathing
  • Make sure all of your prescription and other drugs are being taken properly
  • Ensure your treatments and at home routines are being followed
  • Ask if you are in pain and ask if any new pain or symptoms have developed
  • Check to make sure your home is safe and work to minimize hazards
  • Teach you about personal care and make it easier for you to take care of yourself
  • Coordinate your care by communicating well with you and your caregivers or family

Top Ten Benefits You Gain From Home Health Care

1. Greater freedom and the ability to live in the familiarity and comfort of your own home
2. Offers a greater level of safety, comfort, and care to ensure all your needs are being met
3. Provides much-needed assistance and relief for family members and caregivers
4. Helps reduce the frequency of visits to doctors and clinics by getting some care in the home
5. Helps save money in the long run for many patients by consolidating care and services
6. Give you the freedom to customize your care to meet your unique situation and needs
7. The home health care benefits can help slow physical and well as mental decline
8. You and your family can enjoy more time together at home where you are comfortable
9. Provides routine interaction and stimulation from someone other than family
10. Helps ensure proper care is provided and allows for easier adjustments to your care

To learn more about the home health care benefits you need to know and how Sunny Days In-Home Care can help, contact us today!

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