The phrase goes, “Home, sweet home.” No one ever said, “Hospital, sweet hospital.”
Coming home after an extended hospital stay is a relief and can be a happy day. Overcoming any serious illness or injury should be a time for excitement and celebration. Yet, this is also often a time for worry, stress and anxiety.

During any prolonged hospital stay, you are rightfully focused on your treatment. But, with this much effort devoted to getting healthier now, many don’t have time to plan for the future. You may not think about what happens once you leave the hospital and how much help you’ll need. Sunny Days In-Home Care is familiar with these needs and stands ready to help with quality in-home care services including short-term respite care.

However, this transition is critical to your continued well being. In-home care is a necessary part of this plan. Professionals who specialize in in-home care for seniors such as Sunny Days In-Home Care can make returning home the cheerful and positive experience that it should be.

Some patients face concerns over whether they are even ready for discharge. Although this nervousness is understandable, the assistance of in-home caregivers helps soothe some of these worries. In-home care companies like Sunny Days provide personal care, compassionate companionship, short-term respite care and safety monitoring services to ensure a safe, comfortable transition from hospital to home.

Home care for seniors provides help with personal and household tasks

Your home may be more comfortable, but it may also present challenges in getting to the bathroom, making a meal or answering the door. While you recover, even the simplest tasks are just a little bit more difficult. In-home care can help see you through these tough times.

Home care for seniors from Sunny Days In-Home Care is an invaluable service when returning from a hospital stay. Whether it’s cooking, cleaning, shopping or doing the laundry, Sunny Days In-Home Care professionals work to improve your living conditions by making each day easier. They also offer personalized care, including helping you bathe, eat or dress. No matter what the chore, in-home care specialists from Sunny Days In-Home Care are there to limit the burden so you can focus on getting better.

Sunny Days In-Home Care for seniors offers emotional care and support

Sometimes the best medicine is a friendly, compassionate friend to listen and respond. Companionship is a major component of Sunny Days In-Home Care for seniors. Simply having someone there for emotional support can greatly speed recovery. This may be Sunny Days In-Home Care’s greatest strength. Our professionals display empathy and act as a nurturing presence through conversation and other meaningful activities.

In-home care services offer short-term respite care

Transitioning back home is a partnership. In-home care specialists work with you and your family to make sure you have the absolute best care. But, they can also give your family a break with short-term respite care. Sunny Days In-Home Care caregivers can handle the daily responsibilities and chores so your family members don’t have to. This means less stress for your family and more time spent doing other activities. Home care for seniors from Sunny Days In-Home Care gives families the opportunity to spend quality time together while a loved one recovers.

Home care for seniors keeps them safe and focused on recovery

Your health is always the top priority when transitioning from a hospital stay to your home environment. Trained in-home caregivers from Sunny Days In-Home Care understand that this should be your sole focus. They perform daily chores and show unconditional support each day so you can regain your strength and your health. They also monitor you for signs of relapse, complications, poor nutrition, accidents, anxiety and depression. In-home care helps you avoid these scenarios that could lead to readmission into the hospital.

Let Sunny Days In-Home care help you transition home from the hospital

If you’re concerned about a loved one who is transitioning back home after a lengthy hospital stay, call Sunny Days In-Home Care at (724) 260-5186 to discuss how you might benefit from short-term respite care or in-home care, or contact us for more information.

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