When your aging loved one lives alone or is by himself or herself for many hours per day, it can be scary and nerve-wracking. You find yourself worrying about falls, medical emergencies, accidents and social isolation. If your loved one suffers from dementia, you might be concerned about Alzheimer’s wandering.

If you can’t be with your loved one all the time, technology tools that help you communicate and monitor their safety can — quite literally — be lifesavers. From alert systems to medication assistants, these home safety measures for elderly individuals can improve a loved one’s quality of life and even benefit their long-term health.

Safety and security are important for dementia in-home care

We all remember the TV commercial in which a senior woman takes an unfortunate tumble at home and then cries, “Help! I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up!” The Life Alert system sold in the ad was one of the first to offer assistance to seniors living or spending time alone, giving them a device that allowed them to call for help in the case of emergency.

Now, there are a multitude of services on the market that, for a monthly service fee, will contact emergency services and family members at the press of a button. Some services even use motion sensors to determine whether a person is moving around in their home or has fallen, and the service will alert emergency services.

Additionally, to guard against and monitor Alzheimer’s wandering, you can install a bed alarm or wander alarm in your loved one’s home. These digital monitoring devices send a signal if a loved one gets out of bed unexpectedly or walks out the front door without supervision. Alzheimer’s wandering can be a major problem, but these types of home safety measures for elderly loved ones can help prevent issues.

These services offering home safety measures for elderly individuals can vary widely, so it’s important to do your homework before choosing one. Consumer Reports offers several points to consider as well as cost comparisons. Home care for seniors presents another option for those not sold on using technology. Caregivers from Sunny Days In-Home Care can offer tremendous reassurance by visiting your loved one’s home regularly to check on them and assist them with their needs. They can also monitor the progression of a person’s health and alert family members when more intensive care measures should be taken.

Home safety measures for elderly loved ones: medication managers

One of the most dangerous issues for seniors living alone is the risk that they won’t take their prescribed medication at the right time. This can be a big concern for those trying to figure out how to care for someone with dementia. Especially for older individuals with multiple prescriptions, the times and dosages can be confusing. They may take the wrong medication, the wrong amount, or forget it altogether.

Medication alarms and automatic dispensers can help with this issue. Your loved one can wear a smartwatch pre-programmed to alert them when it’s time to take a medication, and direct them to what exactly they should take. But, some older individuals may have difficulty with this technology because of the small print, the touch screen and the beeping that they emit. Perhaps, automatic dispensers are a better alternative. These devices perform a similar alerting function and will also dispense the exact amount of medication that’s to be taken.

If you’re concerned that your mom or dad will forget to take their medication on time, Sunny Days In-Home Care personnel can offer peace-of-mind by providing in-person reminders and encouragement. A personal, gentle reminder offers much more calming reassurance than a beeping device.

Consider in-home care for seniors with dementia or any issue

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